Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Retiree

Another colleague annouced retirement today - and I found myself envious of her ability to do that. I'm so frustrated right now - and I can't quite pinpoint the reason.

1. #5 in the county English I scores
2. unclear instructions from the administration
3. lack of leadership
4. lack of focus on my part

I just don't know.

A few weeks ago, I was offered an out-of-classroom position in our school pending certain circumstances. Initially, I was excited about the opportunity, but as time goes on, I find myself less and less interested in the job. When all is said and done, the admin has presented it as a go-between between the admin and the teachers. I'd be the middle man - and I hate that. I detest the thought of having my words and actions skewed by either side.

The other side of that coin is that I could do good things for our school. I'm just not sure I'm willing to move out of the classroom to do them.

That being said, I question my committment to the classroom. There is a lot of confusion - a lot of areas to be considered. I find I function best when I follow a strong leader - maybe I need to step up and be a stronger leader. Maybe...


  1. Do you really like the idea of being a go between the administration and the teachers? Do you have the support of the teachers for you to take on this position for the school? When do you need to make up your mind about making a change? Sometimes a staff will not accept an in house promotion as well as they would welcome someone new from the school district coming into the school to do that job. Think about it - you may not be able to align yourself with administration or faculty, and may put yourself at odds with all your old friends. That may feel very uncomfortable. But, every school district is different and you have to be the final judge on how it will affect relationships you have forged in your school. Good luck as you continue to work on what is best for you. I'll be anxious to see where it takes you.

  2. I am curious about what is going on with you. I can only guess as to what path you are choosing since you haven't blogged about it recently. I hope that whatever you have chosen is making you happy. If you were independently wealthy you might choose to do something that totally makes you happy where the wage doesn't matter, but most of us don't have that choice. But, you need to be true to yourself and not sell out for a small amount of pay increase for a job that will make you miserable (and where you will be an outsider to your friends). In what direction are you headed? What are your choices? Where will you be in five years? In ten or twenty years? And most of all, will you look back on that time and say you were happy with what you chose to do? Did you make an impact?

    Good luck. I'll be checking back to see what you have to say.